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Welcome to the

21st Annual Meeting

of the Spanish Group

for Floral Ecology






We are pleased to announce the celebration of the 21st edition of the Annual Meeting of the Floral Ecology working group - EcoFlor, which will take place on 1st – 2nd February 2024 in Coimbra.

EcoFlor is a working group from the Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology and organises an annual meeting to talk about science. In 2024, the meeting will be held, for the first time, beyond Spanish borders at the Department of Life Sciences, University of Coimbra, Portugal, celebrating the increased internationalisation of the meeting.

EcoFlor annual meeting brings together scientists interested in floral ecology and evolution, with the aim of promoting discussion, networking and creativity in science and involving students from all career stages in the process in an open and friendly environment. The participants are invited to present their ongoing projects' results and engage in critical scientific discussion and networking. 

Following the traditional format, the meeting will consist of two days of presentations, with plenary talks and oral and poster contributions that will be structured thematically according to the abstracts received. In addition, several parallel activities are planned, including workshops (on February 3rd) and visits to emblematic places or collections of the University of Coimbra, World Heritable (end of the afternoons).

​Given the cross-border expansion of EcoFlor, contributions should be in English to promote discussion and interaction, although Spanish will also be allowed.



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